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LK produces high-technology PE-Xa pipes but also cross-linked in liners for flexible hoses, all with the benefit of high product flexibility. By maintaining our own facilities, we ensure that our production processes are efficient economically, environmentally and in terms of energy.

PE-Xa pipes

Our PE-Xa products are easy-to-work-with, versatile pipes manufactured by extrusion and IR initiated crosslinking. PE-Xa is suitable for various heating applications as well as for tap water systems.

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PE-RT pipes

LK manufactures high-quality PE-RT pipes intended mainly for floor heating applications. All our PE-RT products are 5-layer pipes providing excellent performance in both installation and use.

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Pipe in Pipe

Corrugated pipes are produced in our advanced high-speed extrusion lines. Our PP based corrugated products are available both as Pipe in Pipe with PE-Xa or PAL media pipe, and as naked corrugated pipe/conduit.

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