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Resource conscious pipe production

The LK Pex pipe manufacturing unit is located in Ulricehamn, Sweden, and was inaugurated in 2014. The factory has a total floor of 20 000 m² and consists of the production area, a large central warehouse, laboratories and offices for administration. When we took the decision to build an entirely new factory, it was important to ensure not only an increased capacity but also that the project would be undertaken in a sustainable way. It was very clear to us that the new premises and production had to be efficient economically, environmentally and in terms of energy usage. We are very proud to be able to deliver pipes that are not only of a high quality but also produced in an energy efficient way.

A closed system for cooling water in the new factory has made a significant reduction in water consumption of the pipe production lines compared to the old factory. We have reduced our energy consumption by upgrading our production machinery to more energy efficient units, but also by using motion activated LED based lighting technology in the factory. Our ambition is to increase our purchases of electricity from sustainable sources on an annual basis and reduce our fossile sourced electricity needs.

Tree with green leaves

Waste heat becomes green energy 

Both the pipe production and the logistics centre are self-supporting for heating, thanks to recovery of excess heat from the pipe production lines. Heat exchangers are installed to recycle the waste heat from the production process.

In addition to providing heating for the factory and logistics centre, the excess heat is used in a snow melting system at the loading docks and as district heating in the municipality of Ulricehamn.

Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declaration

An EPD is an environmental product declaration that describes the product's environmental impact throughout its entire life cycle. An EPD includes product sheets, process descriptions, methodological choices for the life cycle assessment, and results of the environmental impact. It is reviewed and verified by an independent third party and follows the standards for sustainability by the Building Authority, environmental declarations, and product-specific rules. 

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Biobased PEX pipes

LK Pex has now reached a milestone in our very important work to contribute to an environmentally sustainable development. We can now offer our customers biobased PEX pipes with a much lower carbon footprint. The improved sustainability aspect of the products is verified by a 3rd party certification according to ISCC PLUS, which is based on the mass balance principle.

Contact us and we'll tell you more and help you take the step towards green construction!

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Hand with pellets

Keeping track of pellets

LK Pex has signed up the Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) pledge in Europe and is implementing zero pellet loss measures in our operations. OCS is an international programme designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules (pellets, flakes and powders) in the value chain. Our commitment as a manufacturer of plastics pipes is to ensure that the raw materials we handle are always contained and do not spread to the environment. 

Operation Clean Sweep