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PE-Xa pipes

LK offers high performance PE-Xa pipes for both heating and drinking water. All pipes are manufactured in our factory in Sweden. Our in-house competence in pipe processing, crosslinking technology and tooling design allows us to consistently produce high value products.

Having been used as a piping material for hot & cold applications since the early 70s, crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X) has a solid track record in various heating applications as well as in tap water systems. The crosslinking process into PE-X significantly increases the resistance to both heat deformation and hydrostatic pressure in the pipes, giving safety, reliability and long service life in the application. Quality testing of products in accordance with product standards EN ISO 15875 or DIN 16832 secures a design life of minimum 50 years.

LK pipes are of the PE-Xa type (crosslinking by peroxide) and are manufactured in a one-step process with extrusion followed by shortwave infrared-initiated crosslinking, and optionally extrusion of oxygen barrier layers for pipes intended for use in heating systems. The LK high-quality PE-Xa pipes are versatile products combining pressure strength with high flexibility and low weight (ease of installation).

Products are available in a range of dimensions from 8 to 110 mm, following EN ISO 15875 (e.g. SDR 7,4 and SDR 11) or ASTM F876/877 (SDR 9). Pipes are suitable for various heating applications as well as for domestic hot water use. Several third party certifications are available for PE-Xa pipe products.