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PE-RT pipes

LK Pex produces high quality PE-RT pipes that are especially designed for use in floor heating, but the PE-RT pipes are equally suitable for various other heating applications e.g. snow-melting systems.

All our PE-RT pipes are 5-layer constructions with embedded oxygen barrier for optimal performance in circulating water heating systems.

Generally, LK PE-RT pipes are available in dimensions from 16 to 25 mm, following requirements of EN ISO 22391. Standard coil sizes vary from 240 m and up to 500 m depending on dimensions. Customized length of coils is available upon request.

LK Pex offers both the options of transparent LK branded PE-RT pipes as well as tailormade OEM PE-RT pipes.

For further information please use the Inquires page to contact LK Pex Sales Coordinators.